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Sao Paulo fashion week put Brazilian designers in the global spotlight last 

week, and taking center stage were the labels' funky new beach and swimwear creations.
As might be expected from a nation with one of the most vibrant reputations in the world, rainbow colors and stripes were the order of the day, with the 
Brazilian penchant for fun, bold beachwear holding strong. The cuts were relatively conservative, leaving the patterns to do the talking, as was the case with fashion house Amapo, which even debuted a long-sleeved swimsuit in stark black, featuring a six-threaded ribbon of color splashed across the torso. The brand also unveiled a fun one-piece featuring different folds of vibrant-hued material stitched together in a cross-body shape, which perfectly captured the festive spirit of the aesthetic

Lenny Niemeyer 2016 Summer © Provided by AFPRelaxNews Lenny Niemeyer 2016 Summer
Brazilian brand Lenny Niemeyer confirmed the trend with his low-cut one pieces featuring horizontal muticolored stripes in greens, blues and oranges. Rope detailing at the straps added a fun nautical twist to the look.
There was also a trend towards sportier, more masculine shapes, with crop-top and bikini pant combos proving popular on the runway. The label 2nd Floor led the way, with its bikini designs featuring high necks, thick straps, generously-cut bottoms and sporty zip detailing. A colorful graphic motif and bold black ribbing kept the overall effect dynamic and stylish. Lenny Niemeyer was also in on that trend, offering off-the-shoulder crop-top bikinis in bright coral with a bold red diamond motif covering the chest, made to emphasize athletic bodies. The label also put a more classic spin on the look with a monochrome cream and navy off-the-shoulder bikini, making boyish nautical style fun.


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A little bit of history ...
The young princess Cleopatra VII, known today as simply Cleopatra, became the queen of Egypt in the year 51 B.C. Thrust onto the world stage by her father, Ptolemy XII, she ruled a country in tumult, one on the verge of crumbling under the mighty Roman Empire.
Only 17 years old when she took the throne, Cleopatra quickly became one of the most powerful rulers Egypt had ever known. She bonded personally and politically with two of ancient Rome’s most powerful leaders, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Then, barely two decades after coming to power, this queen took her own life in a climactic act of defiance against the Romans, still hungry for her kingdom. Fashion is all about drama and Cleopatra’s life was full of it, from her legendary affairs with some of the most powerful men of their time to her struggles to maintain influence as ruler of Egypt.
Cleopatra was by all accounts an exceptionally charming woman, one who intuited how to present herself in the most strategic manner. Similar to stars of today, Cleopatra carefully controlled her public image. When she traveled to Tarsus by barge to meet Mark Antony for the first time, she created quite a spectacle, dressed as the Egyptian goddess Isis with handsome boys fanning her as she reclined on her perch. Clearly the lady had a taste for pageantry—something a star like Lady Gaga would no doubt appreciate.
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